Fachada de la casa rural Casa del Rey en Priego de C�rdoba

The Casa Del Rey rural house is located in the Villa neighborhood, in the historic center of Priego de Córdoba. It is a typical Andalusian house and is fully equipped to make you feel at home.

It has a capacity for 9 people and is spread over three floors plus cellar:

  • Ground floor: living room, bathroom, patio and kitchen.
  • First floor: bedroom (4 pax), bedroom (2 pax each), and bathroom with shower.
  • Second floor: bedroom (2 pax), bedroom (1 pax), bathroom with shower and sun terrace.
  • Winery: reading area, bar and dining events.

* Entered in the Register Tourism Andalucia number CR/CO/00044

Casa del Rey, alojamiento rural recomendado en Córdoba (Priego de Córdoba)   Casa del Rey, alojamiento rural recomendado en Córdoba (Priego de Córdoba)

Register Tourism Andalucia: CR/CO/00044    
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